This is also a unique hand pulled print, and not possible to edition. The difference is that a monoprint incorporates an image printed from a fixed matrix, usually a carved block or incised lines in to a plate. Variations can occur during the application of ink or more often with a change of color. The Monoprint can be further developed with the addition of painting and drawing. If additions with other materials are used it is now called Mixed media.

How is the image made?

Lithographic ink is applied to a clean Plexiglas or metal plate. The artist will ink this plate directly using a brush, brayer ot other non-incisive tool. Then with the paper overlaying this plate the image is transferred to paper by passing it through an etching press.This image will reverse it's self during the printing process to take on characteristics unique to this medium. Most of the ink is transferred to the paper leaving a residue which if printed on another sheet of paper is called a “Ghost” image.

"Random Order 2.0"



What is a Monoprint?

"Celebrating Geometry"



                                                              Exhibitions - 2018

    February 3 - 4 "Sage Market " - Foothils Community Center, 34250 N 60th Street Bldg B, Scottsdale, AZ

    February  27 - March 24   "Abstract  Art" - Herberger Theater Gallery @ AZ Center

    March 3 - 4, "Southwest Micro-Living " Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ

    May 4-25 "Drawing and Printmaking" Sonoran Art League Center, Cave Creek, AZ